The Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine

The Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM) is a student organized group in Portland, Oregon, comprised of healthcare students from OCIM member institutions including Oregon Health & Science University, the University of Western States, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the  National College of Natural Medicine, and Pacific University. SAIM’s mission is to foster collaboration among students of the aforementioned institutions in order to deepen awareness of the contributions of all medical and complementary healthcare systems for the purpose of promoting health and optimizing patient care.

How SAIM Works

Each OCIM member institution has a “local chapter” of students involved in an integrative medicine club or interest group. Those local chapters come together to form the Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine. SAIM collaborates on educational events, social gatherings and an annual conference.

How to get involved

Board Members

Calendar of Events

Integrative Medicine Day and the Bob’s Red Mill Scholarship Contest

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