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Expanding Whole Person Care for Underserved Populations

The Whole Health in the States Initiative is a newly funded program area where OCIM will lead the facilitation of state-level efforts to increase access to nonpharmacologic therapies for pain for underserved populations and drive utilization of comprehensive pain care. We are taking a tangible approach utilizing a key stakeholder, consensus building process within 6 pilot states and Washington, DC. All the while building state level collaboratives within each region that will serve as an ongoing vehicle to apply this model to pain and other conditions and several activities that drive whole person care for underserved populations with the boots on the ground of state stakeholders and leaders.

If you are a stakeholder within one of these states and would like to be involved, please contact us. If you are a stakeholder in a different state and would like to see this work happen in your state, contact us, we are working to expand and scale to additional states as quickly as possible.

Demonstrates components of comprehensive pain care

OCIM Role in Advocacy

OCIM provides nonpartisan analysis, study, research, and policy analysis and advice related to regulations, enforcement of existing laws. While we develop and disseminate health care provider education for a variety of conditions and health initiatives, we are currently most active in increasing access to and utilization of comprehensive, evidence-based nonpharmacological therapies and appropriate use of evidence-based pharmacological approaches for pain as well as around nutrition and food as medicine. OCIM does not lobby or engage in political campaign activity in any nature.

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