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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a system of healthcare where practitioners have understanding of, and respect for, various professions and their scopes of practice, strengths, and weaknesses. Furthermore, Integrative Medicine implies a dedication to collaborate with practitioners from other professions to achieve the goal of providing the highest quality of patient-centered care.


Why is Integrative Medicine Important?

The integrative model of medicine provides the highest quality of patient-centered care. It allows patients access to multiple healthcare providers that communicate and collaborate to create a personalized health plan. Additionally, it allows for patients to be open and honest with their healthcare providers about the other types of care they are seeking because there is a general sense of reciprocal respect among medical practitioners.


What is the Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine?

The Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM) is a student governed organization comprised of medical professional students from professions across the healthcare continuum. These professions include acupuncture, Chinese medicine, conventional, chiropractic and naturopathic, occupational therapy, pharmacology, psychology, and more!

SAIM's mission is to foster collaboration among healthcare students in order to deepen awareness of the contributions of all medical healthcare professions for the purpose of promoting health and optimizing patient care.

The vision of SAIM is to integrate practice and communication between healthcare professional students across the healthcare continuum. Furthermore, SAIM aims to increase student understanding of the strengths and contributions of all involved health professions, in order to cultivate a culture of patient-centered healing and care.


Why we are seeking your support?

We have created a working model of education and collaboration in Portland, Oregon through a coalition between National University of Natural Medicine, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Pacific University, and the University of Western States. We have created a toolkit based on our experience in Portland to provide institutions in other cities a step-by-step process to establish their own chapter of SAIM. In order to facilitate the spread of our working model for Integrative Medicine organizations at the student level, we are showcasing this toolkit at integrative focused conferences across the country.

We are currently raising money to provide scholarships for students interested in traveling to conferences and help other institutions create new chapters of SAIM. Your donations will directly help offset conference registration fees and travel expenses for students passionate about spreading Integrative Medicine.

Confirmed conferences: 

Are you interested in having SAIM students present the SAIM Tool Kit at your conference? Please contact Marisa Soski at [email protected].

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