Membership in OCIM

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


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Why do we partner together?

A majority of Americans are taking it upon themselves to seek out integrative health care opportunities and experiences. The public wants a different health care system, students and health care professionals crave more efficient interprofessional educational programs and researchers are poised and ready to break out of paradigms.  This calls for the development and evaluation of high-quality, cost-effective and efficacious integrative models as well as the need for adequately trained health care providers to thrive in these integrative models.

With the concentration of institutions, our history of collaboration and the urgent need to understand how to best to train a health care workforce that can improve health outcomes, enhance well-being, reduce costs and increase access, it is clear that our region is uniquely positioned to establish exemplary programs to meet these needs and serve as a role model in health care, nationally and internationally. 

Membership and Partnership with OCIM

OCIM's current membership is comprised of higher education institutions that are committed to educating and training health care providers across a continuum of health care practitioners. We also consider other types of institutions as affiliate members. To inquire about or be considered for membership in OCIM, please contact us to begin the discussion.


Highlight of Membership Benefits Experienced

  • Development of innovative, collaborative educational models
  • Unprecedented student collaboration opportunities
  • Building the evidence base for integrative health and education
  • Professional and institutional networking and partnership building
  • National and international notoriety and partnerships
  • A collective voice in health reform
  • Increased recruitment of students
  • Rich and rewarding relationships with integrative medicine leaders and colleagues
  • A real impact on creating healthier people and communities