Integrative Health for the Underserved

In addition to our member institutions' many safety net clinics and services provided to medically underserved and low income populations in Oregon, OCIM is working with Integrative Medicine Access (IMA) to further bring integrative health to underserved individuals. Oregon practitioners interested in participating should contact OCIM.

Under the leadership of Myles Spar, MD, IMA's mission is to facilitate accessibility to Integrative Medicine among low-income and medically underserved people and strives for the following:

Serve as a diverse resource of information about Integrative Medicine treatments and how they can be applied to achieve optimal health and wellbeing;

—Enable people to locate affordable, culturally sensitive, geographically convenient services;

—Connect Integrative Medicine practitioners with underserved clients;

—Foster coordination among practitioners to provide clients with a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to care;

—Act as a model of low-cost, patient-centered care that focuses on wellness and prevention;

Provide a locus of education for medical students, practitioners and policy-makers on the benefits of Integrative Medicine to the quality of healthcare in the United States;

Collect and analyze data on utilization and outcomes to demonstrate the impact of Integrative Medicine on diverse populations.